Random Thought of the Day

I went shopping today and saw trifle bowls for sale with a picture of the dessert on the front of each box. It looked amazing and I wanted one to be whipped up in front of me immediately but then I realised that I hate trifle, which naturally ruined the moment for me.

A trifle is a ‘fur coat, no knickers’ type of dessert- similar to a handsome, sexy man who presses all your buttons, only to find he’s too good to be true. It’s a dessert that seduces you by looking so good yet it tastes so bad.

When I was a child in the 80s, trifle was the dessert du jour and I loved it when my mum decided to make it. I’d look at the packet of Birds Trifle and my sweet tooth would go into overdrive.

But custard is never right when it’s cold, the cream/’dream topping’ was tasteless rubbish (even with the sugar sprinkles) and soggy sponge/biscuits are vile unless dunked in tea, so the only bit worth saving was the jelly. But wading through the rest of the trifle to eat the wobbly stuff…what was the point of that?

Trifle aficionados are probably seething with rage at my dismissal of it but even they know I’m right. In the end, I quickly snapped out of my sugar-coated daydream and moved onto thoughts of better, tastier desserts. Mmm…cake.

© G. Holder 2013


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