A Bit Much?

Over the past few days, various news channels have sent their reporters and cameramen to Oklahoma following the devastating tornado and after several days of saturation coverage, I am fed up. Fed up of watching them stick microphones in the faces of survivors as they recover in their hospital beds. I watched a report of a woman crying as she lay in her bed recalling the tornado and the harrowing memories, such as hearing her neighbours and friends screaming for help. The tears streamed down her face and I felt so sorry for her having to answer the questions of her interrogator- sorry, interviewer.

Some might say it was cathartic for her to tell her story and yes, that’s true. It’s just I found it a bit distasteful. As much as we all want to hear eyewitness accounts about tornadoes (especially as they are so spectacular and yet utterly terrifying at the same time), surely we could wait awhile and let those who are affected have time to grieve and come to terms with what happened.

Many of them lost everything: their homes, their loved ones, everything they know. If I was in their shoes, the last thing I’d want is to speak to a reporter when I’ve barely gathered my thoughts, but that’s just me- everybody is different.

And then- on a different tack -there’s the ever-developing story of the despicable murder of a soldier IN BROAD DAYLIGHT in Woolwich yesterday. Words fail me as to why someone would commit something so heinous. But yesterday evening every single news channel showed that video footage of one of the murderers ranting away into a camera phone with blood on his hands, holding a meat cleaver.

Cut to this morning and all the newspapers had the same image on their front pages. And all I could think was, why are you constantly showing this? I don’t want my young nephews stumbling across it in a newsagents. That barbaric image could give them (and adults) nightmares but also causes people become de-sensitised to such things.

We all know what happened- we’ve read the tweets and seen the footage, so I certainly didn’t want to see that when I turned on the TV first thing this morning. They’ve started blurring out and cropping the images but it’s like shutting the door after the horse has bolted.

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