Rotten Pollen

Summer is finally here, despite a fresh wind accompanying the high pressure (ooh, get me with my weather technology!). Now I am getting some Vitamin D on my skin I am a very happy bunny…kind of. Not because there’s too much sun- far from it. It’s just that before the clock had struck nine this morning I was so tired and it was all because of one thing: my hayfever had arrived.

No matter how early or late summer comes, my arch-nemesis never fails to hitch up and join me for the ride. So for the past fortnight (to be continued for the next couple of months) I have turned into a sneezing, sniffling puffy-eyed creature. And I don’t even need to be near a blade of grass for this to happen- lucky me!

Every year it’s the same thing, only you forget how bad it gets. I start the day feeling fine. By lunchtime, my face feels dry and blusher has disappeared from my cheeks because I’m blowing my nose every five minutes. The worst bit is when the roof of your mouth itches and you have to use your tongue to ‘scratch’ it. This can sometimes last all day and is irritating beyond belief. When it gets too much, you sound like a spluttering drain as your tongue goes back and forth. One time I had a terrible sneezing fit and the man standing next to me at the bus stop kept side-eyeing at me like I was doing it on purpose. How sympathetic of him…

Some of my non-suffering friends are beginning to know how it feels. Last year they smugly announced how hayfever didn’t affect them. Now they feel the first stirrings of the symptoms: their eyes are puffy and don’t shine as brightly as they should, they sound slightly congested and they sneeze endlessly. They reach for the eyedrops and nasal spray and the antihistamines, but I don’t bother with the latter as I don’t think they work for me. Some leave you drowsy, which isn’t good. The last thing I want is to fall asleep in the park having taken a tablet and wake up to find I’ve got sunstroke and turned ten shades darker (well, it could happen). The non-drowsy ones dont work either so I often turn to good ol’ Olbas Oil. Anyway, I’m sure taking endless tablets to combat hayfever can’t be beneficial in the long run.

So all you sufferers out there, I feel your pain. Hang in there, it’s only a couple of months ’til it’s over and then we’ll forget it ever existed…until next year.

© G. Holder 2013


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