Toilet Trade

Why is it that sometimes we have to pay to do what comes naturally?

Take last weekend, for example. I was on my way home from a night out and needed to go to the ladies, so it was just my luck that I had little choice but to get off at a station that charged you to do this. ‘Spending a penny’ has never been such a rip-off. Even though I was glad it was on my way home (and someone had fortuitously left 10p in the machine so I only had to add the extra twenty pence), I resented having to pay money just so I can have a piss.

And there’s no use in anyone saying that they charge to keep ‘undesirables’ away from using their facilities, when I’m pretty sure they can afford the grand sum of thirty pence. That excuse doesn’t wash (no pun intended) when you venture inside and find the toilets are…undesirable. A few toilets were filled with rubbish and some unsavoury items. Two sanitary towel bins were dumped in toilets and I even found banana skins inside the cubicles. Why would anyone eat anything in a toilet, let alone a banana?

Let’s be honest, public toilets aren’t the best places in the world but if I’ve got to use one, it would be nice if the public didn’t have to pay for something that’s a right, not a privilege.

© 2013


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