Today is National Poetry Day!
(But this is only happening in the UK)
So I’m trying to conjure out of thin air
A poem, but I’m having a nightmare.

Only knew about it when I saw the news,
But I have no ideas and I haven’t got a muse
This isn’t going well- my mind is muddled,
Unfocused as hell and slightly befuddled

Most likely because I’m supposed to be working,
I’m sitting at my desk, manager lurking
Nearby, but can’t feel her formidable stare
As fortunately, her mind is elsewhere

I’ve unplugged my headphones to get some quiet
And see if my mind can finally run riot,
Now there’s a contradiction in terms
Like wanting straight hair then asking for a curly perm.

See how distracted I have been today?
Like a goldfish in disarray
At least I’ve written something- it’s been a while
Marked the occasion in my own style,

After this, the floodgates will surely open
But for now this is a token
(And I have to say despite everything, I’m rather glad
As this poem actually isn’t that bad).



One thought on “#nationalpoetryday

  1. =) its nice when the flow of the flow is just so simple and includes a goldfish! but, p.s., just cuz WP is like that, what actual date was it? it just says 1M ago … so, sometime in October?! =)

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