Where Beyoncé Blind-sided Everybody…

I have to hand it to Beyoncé, she played a blinder today. Around or just after the stroke of midnight, she released her new album. There was no fanfare, no overwhelming hype that greeted her last album ‘4’; just put it on iTunes accompanied by a press release that had every fan hyperventilating while rivals and pundits were stunned by her tactics that bamboozled them and wondered, ‘How did she manage to stay quiet for so long?’

The reason behind her unorthodox release was that Beyoncé was “bored” of her music coming out via the same leaky channels, whereas this would allow her to “speak directly to [her] fans.” That might have had a lot to do with it but I’m pretty sure it was more to do with her wanting to be in total control and ensuring none of her new material was leaked prior to its grand unveiling- and quite frankly, who can blame her? She has the power, money, clout and backing to do what she likes- it’s win-win for her no matter how many copies or downloads she sells.

You cannot fault her moves- even she probably didn’t think her plan would work so well. Somewhere in the world, Lady Gaga, Rihanna and others are positively seething that she has managed to get one over on them by being so secretive and gaining maximum publicity and the inevitable social media meltdown. And in a luxurious room somewhere in the world, Beyoncé is probably cackling like a witch while mentally chalking a point to herself and saying, ‘In your face, ladies!’ Bravo.

© G. Holder 2013


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