My Week That Was

I’m going to try and make this a regular thing, because sometimes in life you can get so wrapped up in the negatives that you forget the positives you’ve come across recently. So…what’s happened this week:

Sherlock Series 3 Finalé
Oh. My. Goodness! Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss- already a legend in my eyes for his involvement in the outstanding The League of Gentlemen -threw everything at the television for ninety mad minutes. Molly bitch-slapping Sherlock (who knew she was such a badass, eh?); Mrs Hudson telling us that she used to be an exotic dancer whose husband was like a British Walter White (say what?); the twist that very few saw coming- not the one at the end, the one halfway through the episode…
It was a shame they killed off Magnussen as he’d only just warmed up in his role as Sherlock’s new nemesis. He was chilling but intriguing. But considering how it all ended he might not be. Mind. Blown. And Mrs Hudson’s hysteria at the end of the episode had me laugh my head off but I’ll say no more…
This series has been slated by some viewers but I don’t know what they were expecting. I thought it was brilliant as usual. Even my friend loved it and she only started watching it this series. Roll on Series Four!

Disclosure- Settle
I bought this album at the end of last year and it is INCREDIBLE. All killer, no filler. Stimulation, Defeated No More, Grab Her!, You & Me, Latch, When A Fire Starts To Burn…almost every track is amazing and I cannot stop listening to it. If you haven’t purchased it, I suggest you do so immediately- you will not be disappointed.

Happy- Pharrell: the choir bit
You know what I’m talking about. Words cannot express how much I love the bit in the video where the choir break it down acappella. That makes me happy. Listen from 1.50 onwards for the breakdown. I defy you not to feel joyous after hearing it.

This photo of Cumberbatch and Fassbender dancing. I love Benedict’s intense look he is well and truly feeling that rhythm. Sherlock’s got soul, y’all.


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