My Week That Was

It’s been a couple of weeks since I last compiled a list so here you go:

Liverpool’s 5-1 demolition of Arsenal at Anfield last Saturday (and their performances this season).
When I checked the Arsenal score after 25 minutes, I thought my phone was playing tricks on me. 4-0 up after 20 minutes?! Mind. Blown. Coming so soon after the brilliant performance in the Merseyside derby as well. We were magnificent. And let me belatedly apologise to the people on the train platform who jumped when I yelled with joy seeing that scoreline, although they’d have done the same if they were in my shoes.

Still on a football tip, West Ham battled to a goalless draw against Chelsea a couple of weeks ago. Post-match, Jose Mourinho moaned about the Hammers’ ‘negative’ approach to the game. Sam Allardyce‘s response to his outburst?:
‘I couldn’t give a shite, to be honest.’

This story about a missing cat who rocked up three years later. He had been gorging on pasties and pies in a pasty factory. Fat cat, indeed!

The Big Reunion
Second series returned with all the pop heavyweights of the 90s: Damage, A1…and Girl Thing. But all I’m interested in is Eternal. I wanted to be in their group when I was a teenager and my VHS cassette of their videos was ruined because I played ‘Save Our Love’ to destruction. ‘Stay’ will always be a classic- you could wipe everyone’s memory and release it as new and it would still be huge. And Easther should NOT be working in a spa when she’s blessed with such vocal talent.
But who knew boybands and girl groups were such a hotbed of envy and rage? 

Dario G- Sunchyme.
Heard this tune in a pub the other night and it took me back. The video is also amazeballs and strangely emotional.

And finally, let’s end with a couple of pictures. Firstly, I’m not gonna lie, I howled with laughter at this:


Then there’s this unfortunate spelling mistake written in my microwave instructions. Pretty sure its meant to say ‘function’ but oh dear. Again, I laughed like a drain, especially at my mum trying to pronounce the word…



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