Severe Lack of Texture.

Sooooo… five and a half months after ‘going natural’, I gave in and texturized my hair last weekend. Three days on, I can confirm that I will NEVER use texturizer ever again.

My aim was for it to loosen my curls so my thick hair wouldn’t resemble a curly carpet. So I pin-curled my hair every night, hoping that come the next morning my wet-set would have been successful. Instead on day one post-texturizer, I looked like I was dragged through a bush. Yesterday- despite putting copious amounts of moisturizer in my hair the night before -it was like tumbleweed. Considering that I also had a client visit to deal with, the presentation of both work and hair did not go well. So I pin-curled again and using a far better moisturizer,  left it to sink into my hair overnight. Cut to early this morning and I looked like Todd Flanders. Took me ages to get my hair looking remotely decent enough to walk out of the house with. And of course as I write this, there’s a guy sitting opposite with a lovely afro-cloud of hair, just nonchalantly picking at his curls. Bastard. 

Texturizer is a con, an absolute joke of a product (as I have learned at my expense). It dries the daylights out of your hair and fools you into believing its bullshit. You’re better off either relaxing your hair or going natural because both are concrete choices rather than this wishy-washy go-between nonsense that texturizer peddles. I regret using the stuff and this rant is designed to warn any of my fellow black ladies out there not to go near it, and for me in case I decide to conveniently forget this experience and use texturizer in future. Never forget.


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