“Where’s the Thank You??”

Finally the Easter bank holiday weekend is here. I had just finished work and was at the train station when an old woman approached me and asked if I knew which platform she could get her train from. I told her and she then asked if I could bring her trolley upstairs as she’s, you know, old. Despite nursing a bastard cold and having just reached the bottom of the stairs myself, I thought I would help- I couldn’t say no, could I?

Well, this woman SPRINTED to the top of the stairs as I lugged her big ol’ trolley- and then she started walking off without showing any gratitude! So I shouted, ‘WHERE’S THE THANK YOU?’ at her and she wafted some response in return, all the while never looking back. I was incensed at this sly, rude bint. But karma is a bitch as well because she missed her train, which caused me to laugh and clench my fist in celebration as the train left without her inconsiderate self.

I don’t care if you’re young or old, manners cost nothing and it’s a two way street. If I’m hauling your trolley full of junk upstairs despite being sick, show me some courtesy in reply. Thank you: two words, two syllables, very little effort required to say it.


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