Key (Stage 3) Change.

So Michael Gove is apparently planning to change the permitted texts for English GCSE. Novels such as ‘Of Mice and Men’ (which he allegedly hates), ‘The Crucible’ (which I thought was an interesting read) and ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ will make way for books by British authors- an idea that was lambasted by many people on Twitter today as “archaic”, “xenophobic” and “wretched”.

I don’t really agree with his stance as it’s all a bit restricting and not encouraging pupils to open their eyes and read texts from further afield. The world is a global community now, so we cannot just ignore things because they are not British. Also, I had no idea that the Education Secretary could pick and choose which texts could be studied on the English syllabus- who knew they had that much power? I certainly didn’t.

That said, if Gove banned ‘The Great Gatsby’, I’d be happy- I HATED that book. A dull book about dull, spoilt, irritating people who were as endearing as a bout of piles. The film was just as bad- not the recent remake with Leonardo DiCaprio, I’m talking the one starring Robert Redford and Mia Farrow. I shudder at how bloody awful it was.


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