World Cup Fever!

Yaaaaaaasssss!!! Today is the day, people! Forget the nonsense surrounding FIFA and Sepp(tic) Blatter, the World Cup 2014 is almost upon us!! And to celebrate this event, I’ve painted my nails in Brazilian colours:


I’m supporting England although I’ve got four other teams in the work sweepstake, NONE of whom are going to win me the pride of being a World Cup winner and the huge jackpot that comes with it (currently standing at £25). But then again, neither are England, although I feel positive vibes about this bunch. We’ve been there so many times with the endless hype and bollocks about the ‘golden generation’ (gah!) and after the debacle in South Africa under Fabio Capello, it’s nice to see Roy Hodgson put his faith in youth (Sturridge! Sterling! Barkley!) and experience. I think we’ll give a good account of ourselves.

Despite my Brazilian samba-style nails, I have not got a clue as to which team will win- I’m not Paul the octopus. Even with the advantage of being on home soil, I think Brazil might bounce out at the semi-final stage. All I know is I think it’ll be a brilliant World Cup, with everyone going for it thanks to their stunning sunny surroundings. That said though, London town is currently hotter than Sao Paulo at a tropical 25 degrees. Who’d have thunk it?!

At least vuvuzelas have been banned from this World Cup- I don’t miss that droning sound one bit. But the official World Cup maracas are, shall we say, a bit dodgy in their appearance given the current climate in Brazil (i.e: protests aplenty). It looks like a hand-grenade-cum-knuckle-duster. Imagine if an overzealous fan lobs that onto the pitch- it’s a mass evacuation in waiting.

Anyway, let’s forget all that. Roll on 9pm tonight when it all kicks off (on the pitch, I mean). Brazil v Croatia. I’m so excited!!


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