Same Shit, Different Team.

In my last post I spoke about my World Cup Fever. Well, that has dwindled somewhat as England are pretty much out of the tournament at the group stage. We lost 2-1 to an average Uruguay side who were no better than us, but they had an amazing player in their ranks- one Luis Suarez. Knee injury, my arse: he seemed perfectly alright when he scored two brilliant goals tonight.

Where did it all go wrong? Let me count the ways: we can’t pass, can’t defend (my word, our defence was appalling), can’t pass or cross or even keep the ball- we could not string two passes together, what an absolute joke. There was no urgency, no oomph. Although Wayne Rooney finally broke his World Cup duck tonight, our attack was mediocre. Italy bossed the pitch when we played them last weekend; we could not get the ball off them. And to think I rushed home to watch that shite.

I was so close to giving up and doing something more productive but I stayed because I had hope, people. How I wish I hadn’t because we were abject. Apart from Rooney’s goal- and I turned into a bit of a banshee when he equalised, punching the air, shouting like a lunatic and tweeting ‘YEEEEEEEEEEEEEES! Hallelujah!!’ -there wasn’t much to shout about.

Of course, social media was full of furious England supporters, all highly vexed with such an incredibly underwhelming performance. Even my mum was pissed off as she could not believe how bad our passing was. Four years ago, I saw England give arguably their worst-ever performance in South Africa: the debacle against Algeria where we stank the place out. And that sums up one thing about us when we play, particularly in the last 2 tournaments: everytime the players put on that shirt, they seem to play with fear and their feet turn to clay. As much as I cannot stand John Terry and Ashley Cole and understand Hodgson’s decision to not pick them and mainly opt for youth, we really could have done with their experience over the past couple of matches.

Tonight was just so depressing; same shit, different team. I had faith in this bunch and even though it’s mathematically possible for us to still get out of our group, let’s be honest we won’t. Besides, let’s bow out with a win against Costa Rica because I’d rather that happen than see us get embarrassed by Chile or Holland or Argentina. Can you imagine? It would probably be worse than the shite we played against Germany in 2010.


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