Striking Out.

Millions of public sector workers across Britain are going on strike today in protest over issues including pay and pensions. Their pay is not in line with the cost of living nowadays and they have had enough of the derisory pay rises which they deem insulting, especially when MPs gave themselves a big fat double-figure pay rise (11%) and then had the cheek to act like it was a tough decision for them to make. All that hand-wringing and bleating, ‘oh I don’t know if we can award this to ourselves, we’re in this together after all’- what a joke. We all knew you were going to take the money so stop farting around.

Anyway, in response to today’s protests the Tories have promised to tighten ballot laws, with David Cameron and his cronies saying that when the unions/public sector staff vote to strike, the ballots often have a very low turnout, so it is unjustified to announce strikes with such low numbers. Flipping cheek! If it wasn’t for the low turnout at the ballots in the last general election (and the subsequent pact with the turncoats, sorry, the Liberal Democrats) the Tories wouldn’t be in power right now. So be thankful for small mercies right, Dave?

I agree with the right to strike. The minute the Tories- or any other government -start fiddling with this principle, things will get much worse. We all have to work til we die now unless we get a spectacular windfall (come on, lottery win!), so it is imperative that this basic right is not messed with.

And to those people who think the government’s idea is a good one because they’re fed up with tube strikes- wake up. You think this won’t affect you at some point in the future? If not through this method, it will bite you on the backside another way or via another policy.

So good luck to those in the protests today and remember to remind the Tories of their breathtaking hypocrisy.


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