Yellow Perils.

It’s now over 24 hours after the wanton destruction of the Brazilian football team by Germany (and 12 hours since the incredibly boring second semi between Holland and Argentina) and I’m just about getting over what happened in the first match. I fancied the Germans to beat Brazil on their patch…but 7-1?? You’re having a laugh.

I listened to the semi-final on the radio and was trying to dry my hair when Miroslav Klose scored his record-breaking goal (and Germany’s second). I ran downstairs and saw the replay of said goal, but by the time I got back upstairs they had scored their third. Then I couldn’t start drying my hair as the Germans got their fourth (and let me tell you, that goal was sheer training ground mickey-taking). By the time Sami Khadira scored their fifth, I briefly thought it was one big radio wind-up. 5-0 after half-an-hour?? Brazil, the supposed ‘sexy football’ kings, getting walloped in their backyard? In a WORLD CUP SEMI-FINAL? Utterly astonishing.

Brazil are not San Marino so there is no excuse for such a terrible performance. Despite everyone proclaiming them as the worst Brazil team ever, I didn’t think they were that bad. But it’s not often you see a team demolished in a semi-final like that. Let’s not forget that the Germans were absolutely incredible and ruthless and it’s no exaggeration to say they should have won at least 10-0. In fact, I was hoping they would.

Alas Brazil, it’s been emotional, (extremely so judging by the endless slow-mo shots of people in the crowd crying at their team’s shocking display). But oh well….bring on Germany v Argentina. It’s Italia ’90 all over again!


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