Scot Free?

So in just over 24 hours, the people of Scotland will vote in a referendum that could change the face of the United Kingdom forever. The question is whether they want to be a part of the UK and it’s a straightforward answer: Yes or No?

Much debate has taken place- most of them on television -and the polls have swung from one end to the next. I am  slightly baffled that certain people who are very much Scottish buy live, for example, in England are not allowed to vote, while people who are from within the EU and have lived in Scotland for a few years, can.

Watching from afar, it is too close to call but the way I see it, Scotland are in a win-win situation no matter what decision is made. Scottish people get free prescriptions and have done for a number of years, but should they go independent, they might lose that privilege at some point. If I were a Scot I  would not be happy to have that disappear because as an English resident, I would love to not have to pay £8.05 PER ITEM on my sodding prescription every few months. Plus their university students do not have to pay tuition fees, something I’m sure students south of the border would kill for. Ensuring these aspects are kept intact would be important if I were in Scottish shoes. Judging how the British government are bending over backwards to handover extra powers should they sidestep independence, the Scots have never had it so good.

The notion of independence is great and the clamour for it is such that I actually think the Scottish public will vote Yes. If they do then it is all systems go. But who knows what the future will hold? For all we know, the Scottish powers-that-be might start charging for tuition fees and prescriptions and then the fairytale of independence could come to a shuddering halt.

And don’t get me started on Scotland’s currency issues. As far as I am concerned, if you want to breakaway from Britain and strike out on your own, do not try to hold onto the British Pound. Do your own thing!

It will be one hell of an ugly, bitter break up and the unholy trinity of Cameron, Clegg and Miliband will be beside themselves if the union officially splits. The Queen will be upset at such an outcome and the aftermath will run for years to come. Will Scotland build something à la Hadrian’s Wall at their border? Will the BBC show the Hogmanay celebrations if Scotland become independent? Everything is up in the air. Roll on Thursday…


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