Exit Europe, Stage Left?

First, we had the Scots try and leave the United Kingdom. Now that they are back in the fold, the Tories are trying to get the UK to break away, telling us to brace ourselves in exiting the European Union…and I really hope we do not succeed.

Yes, there are some members of the EU don’t like the British (or at least those who represent us). Yes, they are trying our patience by saying we owe them £1.7 billion pounds (where the hell are we going to find that kind of money- behind the back of a sofa?). Yes, I think some things that the EU insist we do are total nonsense and it is a form of revenge on their part, while we follow them to the letter out of guilt from how we treated those countries in the past. But I cannot believe how many people seem willing for us- this small island who almost lost a quarter of itself to Scottish independence two months ago -to go it alone. What is going on?

Times have changed- we don’t have an empire anymore. We barely have any industries left because we sold them off to foreign investors and backers. So how on earth are we going to help ourselves? Woe betide you if you think the likes of UKIP can help us- they’re out and about holding bizarre and inappropriate calypsos. As for the Tories, they are too busy propping up their banker friends to help the rest of us.
As much as the EU often seem to take the mickey out of Britain (and I find that France and Germany always appear to benefit the most from EU decisions, such as the massive rebate they got while Britain was slapped with that billion-pound bill), it would be foolish and churlish for us to leave. A wise man (or woman) once said, “Keep your friends close and your enemies even closer,” and never does this ring truer than in this situation.

If we go, we are out of the loop, we have no say in any decisions, nobody will help us if we get into trouble and as a result, we will end up looking petty and alienated. Just a small island that everyone will laugh at even more than they do now.


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