I’ve Got the (Will)Power!

The above statement might make you think ‘Well yes, surely everyone does?’ But for the whole of last month until Good Friday yesterday, I gave up chocolate, cake and biscuits- and it was a personal success.

For a former chocoholic like me who was slowly turning into a grazing heifer, this had been a long time coming. My willpower had abandoned me (or so I thought) and I knew I had to do something about it. Previous attempts at giving up the sweet treats were very short-lived: I once gave up for three hours before diving into a pack of chocolate digestives. At work, I sit next to a hamper full of the stuff that I am trying to avoid and would often dip my hand in without thinking. If I did not get my sugar rush I would even get ratty, plus I was also worried about the amount of refined sugar I consumed on a daily basis. Everyday I was indulging my sweet tooth and I had to cut it out. Literally. So I did.

The weird thing is initially it was really easy to stay away from the sweet stuff. I ate more fruit and body-swerved any cake thrust in front of me. But after the first couple of weeks, I started daydreaming about cake. My nerve was further tested by the cake trolley that was wheeled around my workplace one day. I’m still haunted by the doorstop-sized slices of Victoria sandwich cake that I could have bought, with the buttercream and jam oozing out. It was practically screaming at me, ‘Don’t you want me?!’ (at least I think it was). 

On top of that, my friend bought a salted caramel cheesecake a couple of weeks ago, the likes of which I had never seen before. Brilliant white cheesecake surrounding a seductive chocolate and salted caramel centre- oh, the temptation was real, people. And just this week, there was another baking competition at my work (they love to bake and make us fat) but I managed to control myself- I think I was all caked out. Although I found myself eating more crisps as a substitute (though not too many), I also rediscovered my love of apples.

Soon, the end was nigh and somehow I resisted all the cakes and chocolate and biscuits that were thrown at me every mid-morning, every time I was in the queue in a supermarket and every time I looked in my cupboards. I feel very proud of myself because nobody believed I could do it, including myself. ‘Yeah right’ was the default response from my friends. Going cold turkey worked and even though I was not craving chocolate as much as I thought I would, I celebrated the only way I knew how: with a couple of dark chocolate digestive biscuits. But in the aftermath, I found that my tastebuds had gone rogue as I hate the dark chocolate ones now. So it was a bittersweet moment (ba-dum-tish). On the plus side, my skin didn’t breakout as much as it used to and I lost three pounds in weight which is a bonus, so I fully intend to continue down this road. 


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