Humpty Numpty.

So Raheem Sterling wants to leave Liverpool, does he? Well, there’s a surprise. The news broke last night and while there was an air of inevitability about it, the reasons he gave behind his decision (which has not been confirmed but all parties are acting like it’s official) makes me hope he fails miserably wherever he goes.

The nerve of him to say he felt ‘bullied’ by Liverpool into signing his new contract. Boy, you are twenty and playing for one of the biggest and most historic football clubs in the world. As the legend that is John Barnes beautifully put it earlier today: “He’s a twenty year old boy who’s achieved nothing. He’s won nothing, he’s done nothing.” Tell him, Barnesy, because lord knows his representatives are not.

They offered you £100,000 a week on a plate- the same amount as your new captain, Jordan Henderson. Most people your age would say, ‘where do I sign?’ but you talk about being ‘bullied’- absolute bollocks. The cheek of you to compare big-money contract wrangling to bullying is shameful and typifies the greedy little sod that you are. I could blame your reps for what is going on but, at the end of the day, it’s you giving the green light to all this stuff being quoted in the public domain. If you did not agree, you could say something- much like that bullshit interview you gave to the BBC last month (what we’re you thinking, boy?).

You had one good season, bolstered by the team around you (especially the world-class brilliance of one Luis Suarez) and all of a sudden you think you’re bigger than Liverpool FC? You deluded numpty. You should knuckle down, work your backside off to become a better player and humble yo’self. Instead, you’ll probably be warming the bench of either Chelsea or Man City at some point next season.
The reaction across social media and on the radio last night was something else: I’d say around 95% of Liverpool fans want you gone, despite the club insisting that you are not for sale. My opinion is if you want to go, then go. Now. I’m not here for this nonsense dragging on through the whole summer. I sincerely hope you crash and burn career-wise at whatever club you rock up at. When they give you that extra £20k per week in your contract to waste on a new hairstyle, I hope you realise that you will never be as appreciated at another club like you were at ours because they will all see you as trouble.      


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