An Obvious Target?

So David Cameron is going to allow 3,000 Syrian children to come and stay in Britain. Am I the only person who feels uncomfortable about this idea?

At first, I thought he was going to take children away from their parents and bring them over here, which would have been dreadful. It’s bad enough that those poor children and their families have suffered unimaginable ordeals in the journeys away from the madness happening in their country. But alas, he’s only allowing Syrian orphans to come over. I don’t trust this. It feels as if he’s cherry picking which ones to bring over. What next? Is he going to ask each refugee how well they did at school and what grades they’ve got?

Once these children arrive in the UK, where are they going to stay? I fear that they will end up in the care system; a system that is all shades of mucked-up. Can you imagine how terrifying it must be for a frightened and vulnerable child who cannot speak a word of English being dumped on the conveyor belt of care homes?

There is also the option of fostering. Of course, there are numerous foster parents who can provide a loving home environment for these children. But there are also very unsavoury people  who view these children as easy prey and will target them anyway they can. These children have been through things I cannot imagine and are most likely suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder among other things, meaning they need special attention. This might not be readily available available in a system already stretched to the hilt.

They could end up lost in the endless bureaucracy and shifting around from pillar to post. Lord knows it’s happened before and that was with children born and bred in the UK. Imagine what it might be like for children who do not even have an identity or family to fall back on.

Then, they have to be enrolled in school and it is likely they will deal with hostility from other children whose parents instilled said hostility and ignorance in them and encouraging them to see these newcomers in a negative fashion. You know how harsh children can be to each other.

I hate to say it but this idea is one that could backfire. Some might say that we have to do something and I totally agree- I just don’t think this is it. Yes, there may be some children who come over and discover that surviving and thriving in a foreign country was the making of them. That would be a fantastic outcome, but I am rather pessimistic about the whole thing, as so many could fall through the gaps in the system and never recover.


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