Banking on Bad Karma?

Azealia Banks started an almighty Twitter ruckus in the space of 24 hours. She went to town on everyone and for the life of me, I cannot understand why. Banks kicked things off by calling Zayn Malik all manner of disgusting things as she felt that he had stolen ideas and looks from one of her previous videos. One of her tweets was as thus:

“Do you understand that you are a sand nigger who emulates white boys’ renditions of black male hood?”

Sand. Nigger. She actually called him that. I mean…there’s being upset at feeling that someone has (allegedly) taken your style and run with it without giving you a hint of credit, but this was off the scale. To think that this statement came from a woman who freely admitted that she bleaches her skin so…who’s emulating the so-called white people perception of black man/womanhood?

Some people have said that she needs help or an intervention of some kind, but I doubt that will help. Banks is so bull-headed and there is an air of defiance about her taking on what appeared to be the whole world. Malik, Disney star Skai Jackson (who destroyed her in a series of wounding tweets), the entire UK rap/hip hop industry…the list grew bigger as the night wore on. By the time I woke up this morning, she was still at it and while I couldn’t tear my eyes away from it, I found it depressing.

I really liked Banks’ 1991 EP and despite numerous Twitter beefs and public spats, I was rooting for her to come through and let her talent do the talking. Unfortunately, she is not allowing that to happen. Previous rows have not gone down well (T.I, Iggy Azalea, Lily Allen, the Stone Roses) but this one- which Malik, to his credit, barely responded to -could prove to be her downfall.

Anyone who says that what she is saying is just her being ‘honest’ needs their head checked. Calling Malik a ‘curry scented bitch’ and a ‘Paki’ makes her sound like a member of the National Front. To call herself a proud Black woman and then make such disgraceful slurs baffles me. Then to go after a teenage actress who didn’t even @ her on Twitter and criticise her skin colour (THE SAME SKIN COLOUR AS HER) and tell her to start her menses and get a boob and bum job is beyond words. Any other fourteen-year-old would have taken that to heart, but not Miss Jackson. She clapped back and then some and it was richly deserved.

I’m disturbed at how someone who is ‘pro-Black’ and always talking about how Black women get a raw deal in the music industry and life in general, thought it would be a good idea to make derogatory remarks about the looks of another Black woman in a public arena. DJ Jamz Supernova, a black British DJ, was on the receiving end of Banks’ tongue when she dared to tell her about herself. How on earth can you be on the side of black women one minute, then roast them about their features the next? You bleach your skin, therefore you have no right to talk about any woman’s appearance. To top it all off, she also went on Periscope and ranted about all the above topics without a hint of remorse. 

How can Banks (who, remember, claims to be ‘pro-Black’) possibly be so when she made such astounding comments towards her own people? Some claim she has a mental illness or are saying that her troubled background is the reason for her behaviour, but nope, I’m not having it. She was very aware of what she was saying. To say such things to women of the same race as you, as well as people from other ethnic minorities, makes you a nasty piece of work. Furthermore, to type those words before posting them online suggests that she must have been thinking lucidly as she did so. So that argument cuts no ice.

As for her saying British rap artists are crap, she collaborated and was friends with Shystie for years until they- unsurprisingly -fell out (with Banks throwing nasty comments towards her as well). After all, this is her modus operandi so we should not be that surprised.

The powers-that-be at Twitter headquarters itself stayed remarkably quiet during her tirade. At what point did they think they should have stepped in? Or did it not cross their mind at all? 

Regardless of the fact that Banks has now issued an apology of sorts, let’s be honest. Her management should be deleting her Twitter account, never mind allowing her just to delete those vicious messages. 

Banks can spin this any way she likes and however she tries to spin her tweets as showing concern for Skai Jackson and derision for Zayn Malik, she has burned her bridges. There won’t be any Drake-like collaborations with British grime and rap artists, that’s for sure.


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