Not the Right Standard.

I picked up a copy of the Evening Standard tonight, hoping there might be something decent to read on my way home. Instead I found myself wondering if the journalists for this newspaper live in the same London that I do…


This ‘article’ must be a joke. Seriously. Apparently, some trend called ‘normcore’ (nope, me neither) is what’s  ‘in’ right now in London town. Call me old-fashioned or downright sane but to me, ‘normcore’ is ‘wearing your normal, non-designer-labelled clothing everyday and not making a song and dance about it’.

According to this, I’m one of the really cool kids. Honestly, did the journalist whose article this is believe in what he wrote? I have read some absolute bollocks in the Evening Standard’s ‘trendy’ section over the years but this takes the biscuit.

I’m no trendsetter by any means but spare me such patronising waffle. I guess what I’m trying to say is: everyone has ‘everyday’ clothes- the items you throw on when going for a pint of milk or you cannot be arsed to get dolled up. There’s something about this piece that annoyed the hell out of me. More than likely it was the patronising tone of ‘Oh wow, we hipsters can look like normal folk and like, still look, like, hip. But we won’t shop in Primark ‘cos we’re not exactly ordinary but can still look ordinary and like, extraordinary if we chuck money at ourselves.’

So, Evening Standard, is there any chance you could stop writing these awful, almost beyond parody articles? They don’t reflect London, they’re just nonsensical.