Labour Does Itself No Favours.

Today is the day when the first votes are cast for the Labour leadership race. It should be very interesting judging by what’s been going on over the last few weeks. I am pretty sure I have never seen someone being sabotaged by their own party as Jeremy Corbyn has for the past few months. The way they and past prime ministers, spin doctors and the rest have savaged him so publicly, outsiders would think he was an ex-Tory.
His fellow candidates and party members have condemned him as if he committed murder, using scaremongering phrases such as ‘annihilation’ if he becomes leader.

Yvette Cooper keeps trash-talking about him while shouting ‘Vote for me because I’m a woman’. Tony Blair and Alastair Campbell (both of whom have a lot of nerve talking negatively about someone after what they’ve done in the past) spouting inflammatory things about him to the press. If they all hate him so much then why is he part of the party? At the end of the day he is a Labour MP and good enough to represent your party on most occasions. They were happy for him to announce himself as a candidate for leader and patronised him, metaphorically patting him on the head…until they realised he was the frontrunner. So it’s a case of ‘You’re fine Jeremy, we love you Jeremy, as long as you and your ‘firebrand’ politics and policies stay in the background and we’ll wheel you out when we see fit, like the sob stories on X Factor’.

They are shooting themselves in the foot, especially with rumours still swirling round of suspending the leadership race until a more convenient date, i.e: when Corbyn is not in the running anymore. They are acting as if the voters cannot be trusted and that will backfire on them. The reason people are keen on Corbyn is because he offers something different other than the slick-suited, reheased-rhetoric and soundbite-based bollocks that most people hate when they watch politics. It’s why no questions ever get answered by MPs on Question Time.

As for claims of Tories trying to cause trouble through underhand tactics- Labour are doing a good job of that all by themselves. The Tories don’t need to do anything. They can sit back and laugh while Labour implode because regardless of whether Corbyn is successful or not in his leadership campaign, they have well and truly outdone themselves.

I hope Corbyn wins and sticks two fingers up at everyone at their party conference while shouting, ‘Up yours, suckers!’. I hope he proves them wrong and does a good job as leader. I hope that when all this is over, his fellow party members don’t carry on campaigning to get rid of him if he becomes leader (though, let’s be honest, we know they will). Above all, I hope this makes Labour look at how amateurish they have been throughout this contest. But again, I doubt it.


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